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We are OPEN!!!!

2020-06-10 09:39:57
We are OPEN!!!!

Hi everyone.

With South Africas lockdown level decreasing, we can finally reopen after quite a few months of not being able to fulfill any orders.
Keep in mind, we link up directly with the suppliers here in South Africa, so if it shows that we have in stock, that means the supplier has stock.

We look forward to being able to deliver Role Playing games, Trading Card Games, as well as other board games to you all.
We know that a lot of you out there have got back in touch with your inner adventurer, your inner battle ready character, your inner Card dominator.

Keeping this in mind. All products are 20% off while the entire world deals with Covid-19, as we understand that it is having a major impact on our economy, families, and livelyhood.

Keep safe, Keep healthy, and above all, show some compassion and love during this trying time.

Kind Regards
Dungeons and Magic